This site and software has been developed to help Mortgage Brokers find appropriate Lender partners for their client applications in the "non traditional/private lending" market.

The Broker does not need to be overly familiar with the lending participants in their market. In fact, the Broker doesn't have to know anything about the Lender participants or the Lender's loan criteria.

The Lenders on the site create and maintain their own lending profile based on their lending criteria (effectively creating a set of filters), so the system can easily identify which lenders will be interested in any particular loan file, based on the profile they have created.

The Broker needs only to fully complete the application presented to them in the program (often less than a 2 minute exercise), and the software will identify the lenders on the system that have an interest in the loan. Then, with a simple click of the mouse, the Broker is able to present the application to those Lenders.

For the Lender, similar advantages are available. Loan requests are filtered by the system based on the criteria set up by the Lender, so the Lender can devote resources specifically to reviewing qualified applications. The Lender can “turn the tap” on or off, without having to explain their actions to the Brokerage side, just by adjusting their lending criteria (filters) on the site.

The Broker application form is set up to direct the Broker to supply relevant information to a Lender, so the Lender can make a reasonably quick and accurate assessment of an application.


For security and privacy concerns, all user participants of this system must be approved / licensed by the appropriate regulatory authority in their market area.

Also, the Broker application process requires a SIGNED copy of the Borrower's consent form. This is an important item identified by the regulators, as it provides consent and protection for all participants with regards to the client's privacy.


For the Lender:

  • No cost to participate
  • Access to a much wider selection of applications from Brokers
  • Only presented with applications that meet current lending criteria
  • No need to respond to any given application (no negative responses required).
  • Ability to change lending criteria - with immediate uptake (no partner education required)
  • Timely notifications with regards to standing of commitments
Bottom Line – Generally, use of the site will provide the lender with access to the broadest possible spectrum of loan requests, but loan requests that have been filtered to only those loans that meet the lender's own lending criteria. The applications are generally fully presented and at a minimum have the borrower's statement and bureau attached. These steps allow the lender to focus on the viability of the loan, and not waste time sorting through partially presented files and files that don't meet their lending criteria.

For the Broker:

  • No Cost to register – minimal additional cost (referral fee) on successful funding
  • Broad access to Lenders – known and unknown
  • Simple but directed application process
  • No need to be “educated” with regards to market participants or their lending criteria
  • Ability to maintain control of client and file
  • Ability to control fees charged to client
  • Reduces potential conflict of interest concerns
  • Gives client some measure of assurance that their application is being properly presented to the market
  • Provides for timely action on a file
Bottom Line –Generally, the use of this site should help the Broker get together with a Lender with a minimal amount of time in data entry; with minimal requirement for knowledge of the marketplace; and with substantial exposure for their client's loan request. This broad market exposure also provides great protection from conflict of interest concerns.


Al Kelly has worked as a Mortgage Broker and a MIC Lender in BC since 1999. Prior to being licensed as a Broker, Al worked for 10 years as a Mortgage Development representative for CIBC and TD Canada Trust.

"As a broker, I've had my share of files that I had difficulty placing because I didn't know the lenders in the market, and as a MIC lender, I often found myself with money to lend and no applications for loans that met my lending criteria."

"I believe these are common frustrations with many brokers and lenders, and this site is the result of my trying to figure out a simple process to resolve to those frustrations!"